See my visual research at my Pinterest board above.

Second deliverable for this project is an e-guide on how to use the e-bike. It needs to be in keeping with the visual style I create for the brand. The client wants it to be in a PDF format that can be viewed across various formats such as smartphones, tablets and PCs.

I will need to research several topics to help me with the project:

  • Other guides and pdf materials
  • Technical information about e-bikes to create the content for my e-book

I have started looking at various other PDF guides to inspire me.

Alhambra fortress guide

The style of it goes nicely with the Moorish look of the Alhambra Fortress. They have a detailed and well executed map pointing out the main attractions as well as plenty of information about them. They also include the basic need-to-know info about the fortress. It is designed to be printed and folded however, not used as a digital guide.

Lake District Walking and cycling guide

This leaflet is information heavy, focusing manly on the text and photos, it does include a clearly designed map. It keeps a clear colour scheme through out. Again it’s intended for print and fold rather than e-guide.

Lakes Experience Leaflet

Again intended for print this leaflet has a very clear layout and attractive, vibrant colour scheme. They use vector graphics as well as photographs. Their map design is interesting, and different to what I’ve seen before.

(see pinterest for further visual research)

I also like the idea of interactive guides as it would make the content more interesting – it could include openable tabs, animation, links and even videos.

E-bikes technical info

To demonstrate my concept for the e-book I need to design two spreads, each containing different information. My two spreads will be:

  1. Easy maintenance tips/before you ride
  2. Signs and systems within Worcester


1. Maintenance


Here are links to various different maintenance guides:

  1. Electric Bike World
  2. E-bikeshop
  3. Fully Charged
  • Check your bike before you ride
    1. This is your ride!
    2. Check the battery – Plugged in, no emergency indicators, enough charge
    3. Check the tires are  fully inflated
    4. Make sure the light at the front and back work
    5. Make sure everything is there and working!
    6. Start slowly to test the breaks and acceleration
  • What to do if you break down
  • Technical support phone numbers
  • Service locations

2. Signs and Systems


Worcester city centre map gives me a solid base to work from and indication as to what the road systems within Worcester are.

Worcestershire County Council website provides some crucial information for cyclists, including cycle paths, safety tips and links to external sources.

List of Road Signs is also a useful resource

  • General info about cycling in Worcester
  • Road signs